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Les Olson

Author of the best-selling book Anything For Terresa

55 years of experience in the organ procurement industry, Teacher, Grandfather, Loving Husband, and now a published Author.  

Les Olson

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Nook & Cranny

Jack Stone, a driven and charismatic surgeon, is the Director of one of the nation's most successful organ procurement organizations when he meets Roxanne Gaze, a newspaper reporter in Miami. Assigned to write a story about organ donation, her interview leads to an unexpected romance, but Jack and Roxanne could have no way of knowing they were about to intersect with Miami's most dangerous predators, putting everything, including their lives, at risk.

Tony Blanchard, CEO of a small hospital in South Florida, and his long-time friend, Dr. Romero find themselves deeply in debt to some very unsavory characters. In order to pay down their gambling debts, they devise a plan to profit from organ donation by doing the unthinkable. Unfortunately their success attracts the attention of much more dangerous men.

John Nellano is the head of a crime syndicate whose enemies are often disposed of in the Florida Everglades. Although ruthless, he will do anything for his only Granddaughter, Terresa, who is suffering from end-stage kidney failure. Her only hope for a normal life is a kidney transplant. However, after his own son’s death, John despises and distrusts doctors. Now, John sees an opportunity to leverage Tony Blanchard and Dr. Romero’s debt against his dual motives: dispose of the body count created by his own deadly criminal activity and increase Terresa’s chance of a lifesaving transplant. Meanwhile, alarming similarities in patient charts lead Jack to uncover a nightmarish scheme.

 "Anything for Terresa,"  was a phenomenal read.  I loved learning about kidney donation and transplantation, while simultaneously being terrified for Jack and watching the whole sinister plot unfold"

-Jill Rey

The Author Spot


Jack Stone, a man dedicated to saving lives, is faced with betrayal of his life’s work.
A sick child and the dark forces that seek to corrupt aa system meant to serve those dying from organ failure, are the main drivers of this book.
A love story is intertwined in Stone’s adventure which exposes the strengths and frailties of his character. 
The vivid character description and the details involving those characters’ attempt to both destroy and save a critical lifeline to many, are both graphic and intense. They also make this a fast-paced suspense with an ending as shocking as the story is riveting.

Lynn Cravero

RN Retired

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